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A fun game for the entire family! Just how fast can you use your fingers to accomplish the task given. See how long you can survive the clock by tapping and swiping away.

Swift Finger is very simplistic in gameplay but adds value to users in that it tests their ability to follow instructions and their speed in accomplishing the task given before time runs out.

This app is fully compatible with iOS 7 devices! Share your experience via Social Media and view your accomplishments in Game Center.

Line Zap is a unique drawing experience with lots of fun, action, and challenges. Use your wits and strategy to solve each of the 60 plays available. If you can draw the correct line, then the rest is up to your creation. So, get going...draw the perfect line and Zap your targets away!

This app works on all ios devices and is fully compatible with iOS 7! You can also connect with the Game Center to see how well you are performing against other users.

How well do you know your Bible? Quickly find the Book, Chapter and Verse of the given Bible Passage. The more familiar you are with the Bible, the faster you will get to the passage!

Enjoy the game by playing against the clock, but enjoy it even more by having a multiplayer experience with friends online via Game Center. You can also interact and share using social media such as Facebook and Twitter!

This app is fully compatible with iOS 7 devices!

The game consists of ten (10) jacks and a ball that is thrown up. The player picks up the prescribed number of jacks for the specific level before the ball falls. The player advances to the next level when all ten (10) jacks have been removed per level (.e.g. onesie, twosie, threesie, etc). The game is completed when a player successfully removes all jacks at the tensies level.
This lite version consists of the first 4 levels, while the full version gives you the ability to test your skills and speed at completing all 10 levels!
ATTENTION ALL ios 5 Users! 
Jacks Anyone has been updated to work with ios 5. Download the updated at the app store now. 

ATTENTION ALL ios 7 Users! 
Jacks Anyone is fully compatible with ios 7. Download at the app store today and start reliving the good old days! 

Are you feeling....LUCKY!

Lucky Se7en is currently available in the app store. Click to download the product. Please note that this is an iPad app only! Current version is 1.0.

Think that you are lucky enough to become a Septionnaire? Then see if you are good enough by testing your luck with a fast pace fun game of luck and chance! Lucky Se7en is a classic die game unlike any other. It requires absolutely no skill...maybe time and patience!!
ATTENTION ALL ios 6 Users!
Lucky Se7en has been updated to work with ios 6. Download the updated at the app store!

Here you will find information about Lucky Se7en and other ios apps developed by Docinfotech and Alexis Media House (AMH).
Lucky Se7en is an exciting die rolling game. The game is played with two (2) dice that can be rolled to achieve scores of: Under 7, Lucky 7 or Over 7.
Under 7: Rolling two dice in a single roll and gaining a combined score of less than 7 (2 - 6).
Lucky 7: Rolling two dice in a single roll and gaining a combined score that is equal to 7. (e.g. 2 and 5; 1 and 6, etc).
Over 7: Rolling two dice in a single roll and gaining a combined score of more than 7 (8 - 12).